Playing the waiting game

Today, I finally finished getting all of my final clothing things for the trip. I managed to find a rain jacket, and some extremely comfortable sneakers. As I watch, read, and learn more about Ireland, the more excited I am to go. The weather is warming up, and the days are counting down. I am very nervous, and very excited all at the same time. What will our days be like? How different will the natives speech be? Will I have any major difficulties? Will I fall in love with the land? I can’t wait to take pictures galore. I can’t wait to find the perfect items to bring home as gifts for my family. This trip is sure to change my thinking, and experience. I have never gone any farther away than Washington D.C., and living in North Carolina, that’s not very far. I’ve never been away from home without the comfort of a close friend of family member. I am so very ready for this. May 19th, here I come!